The Lennerockers roll into first place with "Rustin' and Rollin'"

The Lennerockers

The Lennerockers are getting anything but rusty. Quite the opposite, the second part of the album title, "Rustin' and Rollin'", is much more suitable, as the band is forever rolling forward.

Since its release in Germany on 25 August 2013, the album "" has remained in the top 10 of the genre sales charts for Rockabilly as well as Rock 'n' Roll. Now, even the king of Rock 'n' Roll, Elvis Presley, has been pushed from his number 1 spot as take up the top position in the Rockabilly charts. In the Rock 'n' Roll charts, the album landed at number 1, and in the Country sales charts at number 8.

This is the first time that The Lennerockers have reached such a top position with one of their albums.

Their success is however not limited to Amazon Germany. The album is for example also doing well in the United Kingdom, where it will be released on 4 November 2013. The album has, during the past several weeks, easily managed to keep its top 100 spot in the pre-release chart for Rockabilly and Rock 'n' Roll.