Wallek Bros. finish work on their debut album


Based on the motto that "a good thing is worth waiting for", David and Jan Wallek, better known as Wallek Bros., have been taking time out for the past year to work on their debut album. The result is a debut creation that spans different genres, and it will make a positive impression on music critics and consumers alike.


Daryle Singletary chooses AGR Television Records again for international release

Daryle Singletary

Daryle Singletary and AGR Television Records have again partnered for the country singer's newest CD release "There's Still A Little Country Left". AGR Television Records released Singletary's last CD "Rockin' In The Country" through a licensing deal with eOne Music in the United States. That release in those international markets by AGR opened the door for the "I Let Her Lie" singer to perform in Europe. In 2012 he played, for his first time ever, at the Country Rendez-Vous festival in Craponne-sur-Arzon (France). Concerts in Denmark and Germany followed as well as in France where they asked Singletary to return.


The Lennerockers re-releasing their "and Friends" albums

The Lennerockers

1992 saw a number of significant happenings: on 1 January the Stasi Records Act became law in Germany, Boutros Boutros-Ghali was appointed Secretary-General of the UN, a ceasefire took place in the conflict between Serbia and Croatia, the foreign and financial ministers of the EU's member states signed the Treaty on European Union in Maastricht, more than 50 people lost their lives in the violent Rodney King race riots which broke out in California and continued for six days, over 1,000 young members of the radical right carried out pogroms at the central point of contact for asylum seekers in the Rostock suburb of Lichtenhagen, and two Turkish women and a ten-year-old girl were killed in an arson attack in Moelln.


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